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Child Plans HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan
This plan is ideal for parents who wish to make provision for:
1) Academic expenses that occur prior to college education
2) Specific goals like college fees or marriage expenses etc
3) All miscellaneous and extracurricular expenses that occur during college/school


  • Maturity benefit
  • Aspiration (Endowment benefit) – Lumpsum payout at maturity
  • Academia (Moneyback benefit) – payouts during last 5 policy years with first guaranteed payout higher than subsequent guaranteed payouts
  • Career (Moneyback benefit) – payouts during last 5 policy years with last guaranteed payout higher than previous guaranteed payouts
  • Death Benefit options to choose from based on which death benefit payable are decided
  • Classic: Policy Terminates after payment of death benefit
  • Classic Waiver: Policy continues after payment of death benefit + Future Premiums waived
  • Limited PPT of 7, 10 or Policy term minus 5 years
  • Flexibility to choose your policy term from 15 to 25 years as per your child’s future needs
  • Guaranteed Additions1 during first 5 policy years, if applicable
  • Participating plan with accrued bonuses payable at maturity
  • Option to take this policy by filling a Short Medical Questionnaire (SMQ)2
  • Tax Benefits 3 under Section 80C and Sec 10(10D) of Income Tax Act 1961