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Child Plans Reliance Child Plan
Save systematically and secure the financial future of your child by investing in the Reliance Child Plan and let your child enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow.


  • Guaranteed Periodic Benefits : Receive guaranteed benefits, irrespective of survival of the Life Assured
  • Get 25% of Sum Assured* on each of the last three policy anniversaries before maturity
  • Maturity benefit: At maturity of the policy, get
  • Guaranteed Sum Assured at maturity: 25% of Sum Assured
  • Vested bonuses, which accrue every year
  • Non-Negative Capital Guarantee, if any Protection for your family
  • Get life cover for the entire policy term
  • All future premiums are waived and Guaranteed Periodic Benefit along with Guaranteed Sum Assured at Maturity continue for your family
  • Flexibility
  • Choose your policy term: 10 to 20 years
  • Premium payment mode: Yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly
  • Tax benefits: Get tax benefit on investment and on returns, as per the applicable income tax laws * Sum Assured is equal to base Sum Assured plus High Sum Assured Addition Benefit, if any


  • Protect your child’s future, come what may
  • Fund your child’s higher education
  • Support your child in achieving his/her dreams
  • Support your child in setting up his/her own business
  • Focus on your child's development, free from financial worries