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Other Plans Reliance Premier Wealth Insurance Plan
Reliance Premier Wealth Insurance Plan can be tailored to individual needs and keep up with the changing priorities over time. The plan allows you the flexibility to balance the protection and investment needs during its tenure, in an active or a systematic manner.


  • Choice of investment options - Select an investment option of your choice from
  • Self-Managed Option: Manage and control your investments directly
  • Auto-Managed Option: Manage your investment automatically. Under Auto-Managed Option you can choose between:
  • Target Maturity Option - Get a tailor-made solution through automatic asset allocation between equity and debt based on when you want to achieve your goal
  • Life-Stage option - Create a balance between equity and debt through a systematic asset allocation strategy based on your life-stage
  • Minimize charges:


  • Get the best of wealth management and value, in a single plan
  • Switch between active and auto-managed style of investing
  • Get rewarded for staying invested, with wealth boosters
  • Get access to your investments in case of emergencies
  • Enjoy tax benefits, as applicable