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Other Plans Reliance Pay Five Plan
Reliance Pay Five Plan allows you to create a long term saving with just five yearly premium payments. The plan offers you the flexibility of managing your investments based on your risk appetite and the security of a life cover. That’s not all; only five yearly premium payments make it more attractive and highly suitable for your investments need.


  • Investment Flexibility Choose from 5 investment funds based on your risk appetite: 2 equity oriented funds, 1 balanced fund and 2 debt oriented funds Pay five yearly premiums only
  • Active Management Make use of 52 free switches amongst the 5 investment funds Enhance your investments through Top-ups Opt for Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) to manage volatility in equity market Utilise Premium Redirection to change the investment pattern of your future premiums
  • Easy Liquidity At maturity, receive the Fund Value under the base policy and under the Top-ups, if any In case of an emergency, make partial withdrawals from your policy fund after 5 policy years
  • Adequate Protection Protect your family through a base life cover throughout the policy term Enhance your life cover by opting for a higher Sum Assured


  • Create long-term asset with just five premiums
  • Assure your child’s future
  • Actively manage your investment
  • Protect your family with a life cover
  • Avail of tax benefits